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Beautiful Stranger

Original Work

Technical Note

  • ILFORD GALERIE Glossy Paper
  • 45 × 30 in
  • Framed 45.4 × 30.4 × 1.5 in

Archival inks on ILFORD GALERIE Glossy paper adhered to the acrylic to give a very modern and vibrant look and framed with ILFORD Galerie silver classic aluminium shallow gap type.

Artist's Note:

'Beautiful Stranger' captures the essence of my unique #CameraAsBrush approach,, blending analog and digital techniques to create a mesmerising artwork. Through painting, printing, multiple exposures, and layering, this piece takes you on a journey of self-exploration and emotional depth. Its enigmatic allure invites you to discover hidden layers, revealing the intricate complexities of human nature with every viewing.

The inspiration for 'Beautiful Stranger' came during my adventurous expedition in Myanmar. I encountered a stranger on the bustling streets, perhaps an owner of a market stall, and captured her portrait in a serendipitous moment. By employing a combination of analog and digital processes, such as printing, painting, and layering with acrylic paints, I transformed the original image into a captivating creation, marking the inception of a remarkable series.

This artwork emerged during the challenging times of the Covid-19 lockdown, prompting deep reflections on the impact of reality on our emotions. It served as a catalyst for the transformative #SavingFace series, where I explored the profound connections between perception, identity, and the ever-evolving concept of reality. 'Beautiful Stranger' embodies a mysterious yet alluring aura, inviting you to delve into your own emotions and inner self. With each gaze, you'll uncover something new and extraordinary, delving into the depths of human complexity.

Sale price฿65,000.00 THB