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Emotional Spectrum

Original Work

Technical Note

  • Experimental
  • ILFORD GALERIE Glossy paper
  • Framed 33.46 x 41.33 x 1.50 in

Archival inks on ILFORD GALERIE Glossy paper paired with acrylic for a fresh, vibrant appearance, all framed in ILFORD GALERIE silver classic aluminum.

Artist's Note:

'Emotional Spectrum' is a rainbow reflecting our inner world. With experimental film-soup, it portrays life's unpredictability, with each shade representing our varied emotions found in Bangkok's bustling Phahurat Market. The fine detail in the film brings our complex feelings into focus, while an acrylic layer invites us to look closer, turning the artwork into a space for self-reflection. It's a reminder that the beauty of life is woven through the multitude of moments we experience.

Sale price฿65,000.00 THB
This picture, "Emotional Spectrum," looks like colours dancing up and down like a soft rainbow. It starts with warm orange at the bottom, then goes up to bright yellow and green, and ends with cool blue and purple at the top. The colours blend together and look a bit rough, like they were made with a camera. It's like looking at different feelings all at once, full of life and moving.
Emotional Spectrum Sale price฿65,000.00 THB