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Open Stage

Original Work

Technical Note

  • ILFORD GALERIE Glossy Paper
  • 45 × 30 in
  • Framed 45.4 × 30.4 × 1.5 in
  • Horizontal or vertical display.

A framed print with archival inks on a high-gloss ILFORD GALERIE paper, mounted on a gator foam board with archival tape, and a black ILFORD GALERIE classic shadow gap frame.

Artist's Note:

'Open Stage', the second artwork in a series of two, delves into the intricate nature of human emotions, particularly during the challenging period of the Covid-19 lockdown and the diverse perspectives on personal responsibility. This abstract piece showcases a captivating composition, with jade dark green on the sides, a striking dark yellow strip of gold running through the centre, and black stripes on both sides, symbolising the journey of emotions throughout our lives. The original photograph was created accidentally when I mistakenly inserted and closed the film in the camera, leading to a magical and unexpected result.

From my #SavingFace series, which explores self-reflection through experimental photographic techniques that produce captivating watercolour-like paintings. (read backstory)

Sale price฿30,000.00 THB
'Open State', 2nd in a series of 2, reflects the complexity of emotions during lockdown and personal responsibility. This original piece was created using a combination of analog and digital processes, exemplifying this unique #CameraAsBrush approach. To me, emotions are intricate and can't be easily compartmentalized. This artwork is from the #SavingFace series, which explores self-reflection through experimental photographic techniques resembling watercolour paintings."
Open Stage Sale price฿30,000.00 THB