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Original Work

Technical Note

  • Diptych Mixed Media
  • 23.23 × 23.23 in
  • Framed 23.62 × 23.62 × 2 in

A hard-coated ILFORD Galerie Glossy print, two pieces connected with ILFORD Galerie silver aluminium framing.

Artist's Note:

Serenity is a captivating self-portrait that features colourful patterns in a circular area created through digital and analog photographic techniques. The layered patterns each hold individual meaning, reflecting a state of emotion. The mix of colours on a recognisable spectrum between happiness and suffering, along with the bright white elements with purple touches, conveys a desired mood of calmness and comfort. The artwork is a beautiful example of experimentation in photographic processes, techniques, and presentation methods. #CameraAsBrush The experimentation in both method and presentation is evident, resulting in a captivating and original piece.

Sale price฿25,000.00 THB