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Serotonin Wave I

Original Work

Technical Note

  • Textured Cotton Rag
  • 36 × 26 in
  • Framed 36.4 × 26.4 × 1.5 in

Meticulously crafted using archival inks on ILFORD Galerie Textured Cotton Rag, expertly mounted on gator foam board with archival tape, and elegantly framed with an ILFORD Galerie silver classic aluminium shadow gap frame.

Artist's Note:

'Serotonin Wave I' invites you into a serene landscape, the first instalment of a captivating three-part series. It embraces a tranquil ambiance that enables me to absorb new experiences without emotional interference, allowing for composed expression and graceful artistry. The genesis of this artwork was an accidental occurrence—a film inserted and closed mistakenly in the camera. Unaware of the anomaly, I proceeded to capture images, only realising the unconventional nature upon experimentation through film-soup and development.

Part of the #SavingFace series, which delves into self-reflection through experimental photographic techniques, 'Serotonin Wave I' showcases captivating results reminiscent of watercolour paintings.

Sale price฿35,000.00 THB
Serotonin Wave I: a calming landscape of composure and grace. Original piece created by BRYCE Watanasoponwong with experimental photography techniques, exemplifying #CameraAsBrush approach. From #SavingFace series, exploring self-reflection with watercolour-like results. Printed on textured cotton rag and mounted on gator foam board with silver aluminum shadow gap frame.
Serotonin Wave I Sale price฿35,000.00 THB