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Original Work

Technical Note

  • Collage Mixed Media
  • 21.65 × 21.65 in
  • Framed with glass 22.4 × 22.4 × 1.5 in

A collage mixed media features ILFord GALERIE Textured Cotton Rag and Glossy paper, mounted on a gator foam board with archival tape, and framed with black ILFORD GALERIE classic shadow gap and glass.

Artist's Note:

Window is a visual metaphor of the complex journey we take to make meaningful connections with others. The vivid colours and patterns in the background represent our vulnerability and need for acceptance. The looming cage in front serves as a reminder of our fear of rejection and shame; while the mirror attempts to capture the emotion it evokes. It may seem impossible, but we can find someone we truly connect within this big, lonely world. It takes perseverance and courage, but the effort is worth it. When you find that connection and understanding that you strive for, it can bring incredible joy and fulfilment to your life. Using both analog and digital techniques, including painting, printing, and layering, Window presents a unique #CameraAsBrush approach. The experimentation in both method and presentation is evident, resulting in a captivating and original piece.

Sale price฿15,000.00 THB