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Abyss, a square format artwork by BRYCE Watanasoponwong, reflects intense emotions through experimental photography using film-soup. This original piece exemplifies the unique style of #CameraAsBrush approach from the #SavingFace series. It was created to explore self-reflection using experimental photographic techniques that produce results resembling watercolour paintings.BRYCE Watanasoponwong's Abyss, the third of four square format artworks, reflects intense emotions and a point of near shutdown. This original piece was created using experimental photography of film-soup, showcasing the unique #CameraAsBrush approach. From the #SavingFace series, it explores self-reflection using experimental photographic techniques that produce watercolour-like results. Displaying on the wall, Abyss offers a calm yet enigmatic presence.
Abyss Sale price฿30,000.00 THB
Sold outDeep Dive is a captivating artwork from the #SavingFace series. This file description is designed for individuals with visual impairment or low-bandwidth connections. Deep Dive is an acrylic face-mounted print that explores the depths of human emotion. It features vibrant red hues and contrasting textures, creating a rich visual experience. The artwork invites contemplation on the complexities of existence and offers a personal journey of self-reflection.Deep Dive, part of the #SavingFace series, is an acrylic face-mounted print that immerses you in a world of emotions. With its vibrant red tones and dynamic textures, it creates a captivating visual experience. Explore the depths of human existence as you contemplate the intricate layers of feeling and embark on a personal journey of self-discovery.
Deep Dive Sale price฿30,000.00 THB
Up, FreneticUp, Frenetic
Up, Frenetic Sale price฿40,000.00 THB