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BRYCE Art Collection

Experience the captivating BRYCE ART Collection, fusing personal narratives with experimental photography, showcasing art and science synergy at BRYCE ART SPACE.

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'Swathe of Confusion' is a thought-provoking artwork representing societal barriers to happiness. The canvas features an obstructed face with eyes down, symbolising concealed emotions.Swathe of Confusion' is an intriguing artwork that captures the struggle with societal boundaries. The canvas portrays an obstructed face with eyes down, evoking a sense of concealed emotions and inner turmoil.
Swathe of Confusion Sale price฿50,000.00 THB
Layered Steps' is an abstract artwork that explores the interplay between stability and dynamic layers. It symbolizes the integration of cultural boundaries, representing the solid foundations within our societies. Inspired by a photograph taken at a Sydney playground, this artwork underwent analog and digital processes, resulting in a captivating composition.'Layered Steps' is an abstract artwork that conveys the delicate balance between stability and movement. It represents the merging of cultural boundaries and the integration of diverse elements. Created from a photograph taken at a Sydney playground, this artwork underwent analog and digital transformations to achieve its captivating layers.
Layered Steps Sale price฿30,000.00 THB
Experience the radiant energy of 'Linear Gleam,' an artwork capturing the impression of blinding light. With vertical linear swathes of colour and the presence of an athletic dog, this piece conveys a unique street photography moment. Created through a blend of analog and digital processes, it offers a magical result that will ignite your imagination.Feel the vibrant essence of 'Linear Gleam,' an artwork that evokes the sensation of blinding light. Its vertical linear colour patterns and the subtle presence of an athletic dog create a captivating composition. Crafted using analog and digital techniques, this piece showcases the artist's innovative vision and will transport you to a world filled with radiance.
Linear Gleam Sale price฿30,000.00 THB
Dervish Movement: A dynamic photographic canvas capturing motion and confident energy, representing the 'Crossing Boundaries' series.Dervish Movement: An expressive artwork showcasing the interplay of shapes and textures, conveying a sense of confident energy and motion.
Dervish Movement Sale price฿40,000.00 THB
Up, FreneticUp, Frenetic
Up, Frenetic Sale price฿40,000.00 THB
Sold outDeep Dive is a captivating artwork from the #SavingFace series. This file description is designed for individuals with visual impairment or low-bandwidth connections. Deep Dive is an acrylic face-mounted print that explores the depths of human emotion. It features vibrant red hues and contrasting textures, creating a rich visual experience. The artwork invites contemplation on the complexities of existence and offers a personal journey of self-reflection.Deep Dive, part of the #SavingFace series, is an acrylic face-mounted print that immerses you in a world of emotions. With its vibrant red tones and dynamic textures, it creates a captivating visual experience. Explore the depths of human existence as you contemplate the intricate layers of feeling and embark on a personal journey of self-discovery.
Deep Dive Sale price฿30,000.00 THB
Abyss, a square format artwork by BRYCE Watanasoponwong, reflects intense emotions through experimental photography using film-soup. This original piece exemplifies the unique style of #CameraAsBrush approach from the #SavingFace series. It was created to explore self-reflection using experimental photographic techniques that produce results resembling watercolour paintings.BRYCE Watanasoponwong's Abyss, the third of four square format artworks, reflects intense emotions and a point of near shutdown. This original piece was created using experimental photography of film-soup, showcasing the unique #CameraAsBrush approach. From the #SavingFace series, it explores self-reflection using experimental photographic techniques that produce watercolour-like results. Displaying on the wall, Abyss offers a calm yet enigmatic presence.
Abyss Sale price฿30,000.00 THB