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Deep Dive

Original Work

Technical Note

  • ILFORD GALERIE Canvas Natural
  • 40 × 40 x 2 in
  • Horizontal or vertical display

Archival inks on gallery wrapped stretched ILFORD GALERIE Canvas Natural.

Artist's Note:

'Deep Dive' from my #SavingFace series is a mesmerising stretched canvas that immerses you in the depths of human emotion. Created through a fortuitous accident during the film process, this stretched canvas invites contemplation of the intricate layers of our feelings. With vibrant red hues reminiscent of fluid watercolours, this artwork beckons you to explore the intricate layers of our feelings. Let 'Deep Dive' be your trusted companion on a personal journey of self-reflection, where emotions run deep and profound understanding awaits.

Sale price฿30,000.00 THB
Deep Dive is a captivating artwork from the #SavingFace series. This file description is designed for individuals with visual impairment or low-bandwidth connections. Deep Dive is an acrylic face-mounted print that explores the depths of human emotion. It features vibrant red hues and contrasting textures, creating a rich visual experience. The artwork invites contemplation on the complexities of existence and offers a personal journey of self-reflection.
Deep Dive Sale price฿30,000.00 THB